Staffing & Recruiting

Linkedin Integration

When job applicants click the Apply with LinkedIn button, they will have the opportunity to edit their profile before submitting or they can go directly to the one-click “Submit Application” button, which will automatically send the candidate’s public LinkedIn profile data to the employer or pre-populate the employer’s online employment application. Applicants receive immediate confirmation of their submission and will be prompted with professional connections that they can contact to increase their chances of getting hired at the company.

Marketing Tools

Allow you to mailshot out to prospect client lists and talent pools with full reporting analytics to track results and the success of each campaign.
Full Mobility

iLogic functionality across all Android and Apple devices allowing the user to access all data for clients, assignments, candidates and reporting.
On the #1 CRM

Built on Salesforce, the World’s #1 CRM platform, trusted with the most important data of 100K+ companies.